Ultrasonics (spring 2023)

MATR338 Ultrasonics, spring 2023

Scope: 10 cr

Lecturer: Prof. Edward Hæggström

M.Sc. Jere Hyvönen
M.Sc. Axi Holmström

Contact Jere Hyvönen with questions: jere.hyvonen(at)helsinki.fi

Why ultrasonics?

This class shows you what ultrasound can be used for. It is much more than baby images. We also show you the physics behind the ultrasonic interaction in both sensing and actuation applications.

Course duration: 17.1.2023-3.5.2023

Lectures: Tue 10.15-12.00 and Wed 12.15-14.00, D116, Physicum

Exercises/Demos: Wed 14.15-16.00, D117 Physicum


  • Ensminger:”Ultrasonics: Fundamentals, Technologies, and Applications”, available as e-book through helka.
  • Kino: “Acoustic Waves: Devices, Imaging & Analog Signal Processing”
  • Kinsler et al.: “Fundamentals of Acoustics”
  • Morse et al.: “Theoretical Acoustics”
  • Laser Ultrasonics By C. B. Scruby, L. E. Drain
  • Briggs: “Acoustic Microscopy”


02-05-2023 Final project presentation session on Tue 9.5. 10:00-14 in Physicum D116!

02-05-2023 Final project rehearsal session on Thu 4.5. 12:00-14 in Exactum C220!

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18-04-2023 Demo session on Wednesday 19.4. on the exercise session, start at 14:00.

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