Sound ImageLaser beam passes through the laser system of the laboratory




Electronics Research Laboratory

The Electronics Research Laboratory (ETLA) specializes in applied physics research of sound & light. The main emphasis is to develop methods suitable for the needs of the R&D and industry. To support these goals, our research work concentrates on several applied physics disciplines, the main areas being ultrasonics, photoacoustics, and optical interferometry imaging.

The Electronics Research Laboratory is part of the Division of Materials Physics at the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki. We are located in the Physicum building’s 3rd floor on the Kumpula Campus, Helsinki, Finland.


ETLA at IUS 2022

IEEE IUS conference in Venice, Italy

Research highlights

  • Lassila, P., Valoppi, F., Tommiska, O., Hyvonen, J.,; Holmstrom, A., Hietala, S., Salmi, A., Hæggstrom, E. Practical scale modification of oleogels by ultrasonic standing waves. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2022.
  • Helander, P., Puranen, T., Merilainen, A., Maconi, G., Penttila, A., Gritsevich, M., Kassamakov, I., Salmi, A., Muinonen, K., Hæggstrom, E. Omnidirectional microscopy by ultrasonic sample control. Applied Physics Letters, 2020.
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