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Label-free Bioimaging 2020

Course code: MATR340

Scope: 5 credits.

General info

The course provides state-of-the-art optical methods for label-free imaging. Special attention in bioimaging.

Since the University’s premises are closed (from 30.11.2020) all lectures and exercises will be completely online.


19.12.2020: 3rd model added.
6.12.2020: 2nd model added and lectures 1-6
5.12.2020: 3rd exercise added.
3.12.2020: 2nd exercises problem 4 clarified.
3.12.2020: 1st model added.
28.11.2020: 2nd exercise added.
26.11.2020: Typos fixed from 1st exercise.
21.11.2020: 1st exercise added.
18.11.2020: Tomorrow’s excercise will be entirely online due to a possible coronavirus exposure. Please make sure that MATLAB is installed on your computer. University of Helsinki provides free MATLAB licenses for students.

11.11.2020: Zoom link for exercises added.
05.11.2020: New lecture link added.
19.10.2020: Webpage created

Lecturer: Doc. Ivan Kassamakov, C318, email: ivan dot kassamakov at helsinki dot fi.
Assistants: Göran Maconi , C204a, email: goran dot maconi at helsinki dot fi and Miikka Järvinen, B228,email: miikka dot jarvinen at helsinki dot fi.

Exam: Monday at 21.12.2020 10:00-15:00 done remotely.

Online Lectures: Thursdays in
Zoom, 29.10.-10.12.20 at 10:15-12:00.

Hands on exercises: Thursdays in
Physicum C106, 29.10.-12.11.20 at 12:15-14:00.

Online Pen & Paper and Simulation exercises: Thursdays in
Zoom / Physicum D104, 19.11.-10.12.20 at 12:15-14:00

Literature: Douglas B. Murphy & Michael W. Davidson: Fundametals of light microscopy and electronic imaging (2nd edition or older)

Timing in studies: 1st-2nd year.

Grading: The course grade will be based on (40%) attendance and participation in the exercise/demo sessions and (60%) an exam at the end of the course.

Prerequisites: First year classes in electromagnetism and calculus (MAPU). The optics and photonics courses will help to understand the principles taught in the course but are not compulsory.