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PhD Theses

PhL Theses

MSc Theses

  • Nolvi, Anton, Sub-surface metrology: absolute z-coordinates deep inside displays, 2016
  • Holmström, Axi, Predicting Hazardous Driving Behaviour with Quantum Neural Networks, 2016
  • Veira Canle, Daniel, Inspecting rotating structures by Lamb waves, 2016
  • Ylitalo, Tuomo, Rapid interferometric imaging of printed drug laden multilayer structures, 2015
  • Rauhala, Timo, One kilometer (1km) ESAIL tether produced automatically, 2013

BSc Theses

  • Lampsijärvi, Eetu, Enhancing Drug Delivery into Articular Cartilage by using Focused Ultrasound, 2016
  • Viljanen, Mira, Changes in the ultrasonic signal traveling across SWCNT bucky paper during heavy ion irradiation, 2015