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Photonics in Semiconductors (2017)


19.2.2017: 5th problem set uploaded.
13.2.2017: NB!
On 16th February the lecture will be given at 14:15-16:00 and exercise session at 10:15-12:00.
4th problem set uploaded.
3rd problem set uploaded.
31.1.2017: NB!
no lecture on 2nd February. Exercise session will be held starting at 10:15 in D116.
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General info

Course content: The course primarily provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts in photonics, which have increasing applications in the area of information technology, optical sensing, lightning, energy, healthcare and life science. The course will focus on the interaction of photons and matter, the propagation of light in optical fibers, the operation principles of light emitting diodes, semiconductor lasers, detectors and optical modulators.

Lecturer: Ivan Kassamakov, C318, email: ivan dot kassamakov at helsinki dot fi.
Assistants: Risto Montonen, A312, email: risto dot montonen at helsinki dot fi.
Anton Nolvi, C312, email: anton dot nolvi at helsinki dot fi.

Exam: (TBA)

Lectures: Thursdays in Physicum D116, 19.1. – 4.5.2017 at 10:15–12:00.
Exercises: Thursdays in Physicum D114, 19.1. – 4.5.2017 at 14:15–16:00.

Literature: S.O. Kasap: Optoelectronics and Photonics – Principles and Practices, Pearson 2013, 2nd Ed. and E. Hecht: Optics, Addison Wesley 2001, 4th Ed. (or older)

Lecture notes and additional literature: Link (TBA)

Course code: 530192

Scope: 5 credits.

Timing in studies: Advanced studies, 2nd – 3rd year or later.

Prerequisites: First year classes in electromagnetism and calculus (MAPU), Structure of Matter I-II, Electronics I, Optics (recommended).

Problem sets:

Exercise 1: PDF Solutions: PDF
Exercise 2: PDF Solutions:  PDF
Exercise 3: PDF Solution: PDF
Exercise 4: PDF Solution: PDF
Exercise 5: PDF Solution: PDF