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Optics 2022

Course code: MATR329

Scope: 10 credits.

Course program till 31.5.2022

As a measure to avoid the potential spread of coronavirus, the lectures and excercises will be online.

Lecture notes will be uploaded to the webpage for self study.

General info

The course primarily provides an introduction to physical optics. Main aspects of geometrical optics will also be covered, as well as a brief presentation of selected issues in modern optics. The general topics to be covered include: electromagnetic theory, propagation of light, geometric optics, paraxial theory, polarization and interference.


Uploaded info about the topics covered in the course

Notice: lectures on Thursdays 10-12 starting from 03.02.2022!

The zoom link has been created:

Meeting ID: 680 1720 7657
Passcode: 030614

Lecturer: Doc. Ivan Kassamakov, C318, email: ivan dot kassamakov at helsinki dot fi.
Assistants: Göran Maconi , C204a, email: goran dot maconi at helsinki dot fi.
Joni Papponen, C204a, email: joni dot papponen at helsinki dot fi.

Exam: TBA

Online lectures: Thursdays 10-12
Exercises: Thursdays 16-18

Literature: E. Hecht: Optics, Pearson 2017, 5th Ed. (or older).

Chapters covered in course:
1. Brief History (Chapter 1).
2. The propagation of light (Chapter 4).
3. Geometric optics (Chapter 5).
4. Polarization (Chapter 8).
5. Interference (Chapter 9)
6. Diffraction (Chapter 10)

Timing in studies: 2nd-3rd year.

Prerequisites: First year classes in electromagnetism and calculus (MAPU).

Lecture notes:

Lecture notes download page


Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
Exercise 8
   * Problem 3 data
Exercise 9
Exercise 10

Exercise model answers:

Exercise 1 models
Exercise 2 models
Exercise 3 models
Exercise 4 models
Exercise 5 models
Exercise 6 models
Exercise 7 models
Exercise 8 models
Exercise 9 models
Exercise 10 models

Final Project:

Remark: For the final project, you will need to request a student license for Zemax OpticStudio. Link: