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Optics 2018

Course code: MATR329

Scope: 5 credits.

General info

The course primarily provides an introduction to physical optics. Main aspects of geometrical optics will also be covered, as well as a brief presentation of selected issues in modern optics. The general topics to be covered include: electromagnetic theory, propagation of light, geometric optics, paraxial theory, polarization and interference.


12.1.2018: First problem set uploaded
8.1.2018: Webpage created

Lecturer: Doc. Ivan Kassamakov, C318, email: ivan dot kassamakov at helsinki dot fi.
Assistants: M.Sc. Risto Montonen, A312, email: risto dot montonen at helsinki dot fi.

Exam: TBA

Lectures: Thursdays in Physicum D116, 18.1. – 3.5.2018 at 10:15-12:00.
Exercises: Thursdays in Physicum D116, 18.1. – 3.5.2016 at 14:15-16:00.

Literature: E. Hecht: Optics, Pearson 2017, 5th Ed. (or older).
Lecture notes: TBA

Timing in studies: 2nd-3rd year.

Prerequisites: First year classes in electromagnetism and calculus (MAPU).


Exiercise 1: PDF