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Nanoacoustics I (MATR320), Spring 2022

Lecturer: Ari Salmi (Ph.D., Doc.), ari.salmi(at)
Assistant: Oskari Tommiska (B.Sc.), oskari.tommiska(at)

Lecture times: Mondays and Fridays (14:15-16:00) (Remote teaching)
Exercise sessions: Fridays (12:15-14:00) (Remote teaching)

Link to remote teaching room (Zoom)

Page updated: 07.03.2022


  • Deadline for returning the written reports is 13.03. 23:59.
  • Final project instructions available! Be in contact with the course assistant if there are any issues regarding the final project.

Final project:

Instructions for the final project

Already reserved topics and ideas for a topic can be found in the pdf below. If you need to change your topic for any reason, please contact the course assistant!
Final Project Topics

Lecture Materials:

Lecture material


Exercise material


Two-dimensional nanoultrasonic imaging by using acoustic nanowaves, Lin 2006.

Gigahertz Coherent Guided Acoustic Phonons in AlN-GaN Nanowire, Mante 2013.

Tunable Nanowire Patterning UsingStanding Surface Acoustic Waves, Chen 2013.