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Labview in Instrumentation (Fall 2011)

(55492) Labview in Instrumentation (3 op), Fall 2011

(55492) Labview Instrumentoinnissa (3 op), Syksy 2011


Lecturer: Heikki Ojala

Assistant: Hannu Koskenvaara

  • email:


Final scores (updated on 6.2.2012, and registered to WebOodi) of the course can be found here.

Home-exam results can be found here.

Misprint on Exam, problem 4b: Use XY graph to draw a circle, not waveform graph.

Exam on the course will be a home exam during 19.-21.12.2011 (see information below).



  • Wed 2.11., Room D210, 12-14, lecture1 (pdf, pptx), exercise1
  • Mon 7.11., Room D104, 12-14, pdf
  • Wed 9.11., Room D104, 12-14, pdf
  • Wed 16.11., Room D104, 12-14, pdf, pptx
  • Wed 23.11., Room D104, 12-14, pdf, pptx
  • Fri 25.11., Room D210, 14-16, Additional lecture, Example project (about Main cluster, subVIs, State Machine, error cluster, etc.)
  • Mon 28.11., Room D104, 12-14, pdf, pptx
  • Wed 30.11., Room D104, 12-14, pdf, pptx
  • Thu 1.12., Room D210, 15-17, Additional lecture, pdf, pptx


Return the solutions (i.e. the VIs) to Hannu Koskenvaara by e-mail.

Sign up for the last three exercise sessions here and pick three of the following exercise times:

  • Wed 7.12., Room D210, 12-14
  • Mon 12.12., Room D210, 12-14
  • Mon 12.12., Room D210, 15-17
  • Wed 14.12., Room D210, 12-14
  • Wed 14.12., Room D210, 15-17
  • Thu 15.12., Room D210, 11-13

Instructions for the DAQ exercises

If you were not able to participate in the DAQ exercises, and you want to get the points, an extra DAQ exercise session is scheduled on Wed 11.1.2012 10am – 4pm. Send an e-mail to Heikki Ojala before 27.12.2011 to sign up. Specify on the e-mail which of the works you want to do.


Home-Exam on Mon 19.12. – Wed 21.12.

  • Home-Exam results
  • Home-Exam and VIs to problem 2.
  • Note: There was a misprint on problem 4b. You should of course use XY Graph, not waveform graph, to draw a circle. A corrected version is now on the web-page.
  • Return the solutions by e-mail to Heikki Ojala no later than 4pm on Wednesday 21.12.
  • You can use all the available resources (lecture notes, exercises, labview help, labview examples,, etc.) but do the exam alone.
  • If you are unable to participate in the home exam (or you want to improve your grade) you can do a paper exam on Wed 18.1.2012. Send an e-mail to Heikki Ojala before 12.1.2012 to sign up.