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Electronics II – Exercises 2018

Week13 Special live demo, see details

Deadline 11.4.!
Week 9
Week 8
Week 7

Week 6
 Deadline on Thursday
Week 5
Week 4
Week 3
Week 2 (The 4th task was slightly modified shortly after the upload)
Week 1

Week 0 (No submission): Install Arduino IDE, familiarize yourself with it and learn to add libraries. These skills will be needed in the coming exercises. Check the built-in examples and try to upload the blink program to Arduino (when you get yours).



Week 6
Week 5
Week 4
Week 3
Week 2
Week 1


About the kits:

Please store the components in their antistatic bags. This minimizes the chance of ESD damage.

Download the documentation
The quality of the instructions there isn’t great so don’t depend your life on it. When using a component it’s strongly encouraged to skim through the datasheet. This way you will not only learn the specs of the component but you will also develop skills for reading datasheets in general.