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Electronics II (MATR335) – 2018

Lecturer: Edward Hæggström


Tuomas Puranen
Petteri Helander

Page updated 27.3.2018


  • No lecture Wednesday 28.3.
  • First exercises available.
  • At the next week’s exercise session (24.1.) there will be an introduction to Arduino workshop where we will go through the practicalities of building the exercise projects. You should receive your own Arduino kit by then. (We will inform you when they become available.)
  • First lecture on Tue 16.1.
  • Enrollment to course is open in weboodi

Lecture and exercise times:


Tue 10-12, D115
Wed 10-12, D115

Lecture material


Wed 12-14, D104


Submission: come to the exercise session to show the working device, or send us a well commented code by email. Deadlines are marked on the exercises.

Course grading: 100 % of course grade comes from exercise points. There are 6 points available in each of the 14 weekly exercises.

Duration: 3. and 4. period

Timing in studies: Advanced studies.

Prerequisites: Electronics I, Measurement methods in Physics, Basic studies in Physics

Course description: The aim of the course is to learn to use digital components and microprocessors as well as to learn the basics of the latest microelectronics opportunities offered for information technology and signal processing.

Scope: 10 credits


– Tocci: Digital Systems, 12th ed (2017)

– Floyd: Digital Fundamentals, 11th ed (2015)

– Horowitz & Hill: The Art of Electronics, 3rd ed (2015)

Internet is also your good friend:

Electronics Tutorials – Well written tutorials
Falstad circuit simulator – Capable electronics simulator with great visualizations – Enlightening simulation of a CPU
Your favorite search engine