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Analog electronics


NB! Time table announcement! Last exercise session (5th): 7.12.2012. No lecture on 12.12.2012. Last lecture on 14.12.2012 instead of exercises. Possible exam problems will be discussed, so attendance is highly recommended!

NB! Exam: Thursday 20.12.2012 in D114 at 10:00-14:00.

10.12.2012: Frequency transformation equations on last page of examples #5 were wrong. Corrected version was uploaded.

5.12.2012: Examples for lecture 6 and Smith chart figures added.

30.11.2012: Model answers for exercises 3 & 4 added

29.11.2012: Examples for lecture 5 and exercise 5 uploaded

23.11.2012: Model answers for exercise 2 added

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19.11.2012: Model answers for exercise 1 added

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18.10.2012: First lecture: 31.10.2012 12:15-14:00, D104

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General info

Responsible professor: Edward Hæggström, C320, email: haeggstr at mappi dot helsinki dot fi.
Lectures: Kalle Hanhijärvi, C204a, email: kalle dot hanhijarvi at helsinki dot fi.
Assistant: Antti Meriläinen, C204a, email: antti dot merilainen at helsinki dot fi.

Exam: Thursday 20.12.2012 in D114 at 10:00-14:00.

Lectures: Wednesdays in Physicum D104, 31.10. – 12.12.2012 at 12:15-14:00.
Exercises: Fridays in Physicum D106, 9.11. – 14.12.2012 at 10:15-12:00.

Course description

Subjects to be covered: Fourier and Laplace transforms, transfer functions, filter design, impedance matching, amplifier and circuit design at RF frequencies.

Literature: Lecture notes (see below), C. Bowick with J. Blyler & C. Ajluni: RF circuit Design 2. ed. Newnes, H. Baher: Analog & Digital Signal Processing 2. ed. Wiley. and R. Schaumann & M. van Valkenberg: Design of Analog Filters, Oxford Univ. Press.

Lecture notes: Link

Course code: 53177

Scope: 5 credits.

Timing in studies: Advanced or postgraduate studies. Part of the Electronics and Industrial Applications specialization line.

Prerequisites: Undergrad electronics and measurement methods. MAPU and FYMM I or equivalent (complex calculus).


Exercise 1 (9.11.2012): PDF Solutions: PDF

Exercise 2 (16.11.2012): PDF Solutions: PDF

Exercise 3 (23.11.2012): PDF Solutions: PDF, Simulation: ASC, Åckerberg-Mossberg m-file: ZIP

Exercise 4 (30.11.2012): PDF Solutions: PDF, Simulation: ASC

Exercise 5 (7.12.2012): PDF Solutions: PDF