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Commercialization of research

Since 2012 we have taken an active tack to commercialize our research results obtained during the last two decades.

  • Nanoparticle (fiber) production
  • Physiological measurements and diagnostics
  • Ultrasound therapy and actuation
  • Traceable nanometrology
  • Food industry and Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Label free super resolution bio-imaging
  • Drug delivery

Patents involved in the commercialization of research can be found here.

Companies span out from Electronics Research Laboratory:

Nanoform Finland Ltd.

“Nanoform’s platform technology can give failed drug molecules a second chance.”
More info at

Photono Oy

Manufacturer of radiation devices and  medical therapeutic equipment.

Altum Techonologies

“The first and only company to use focused power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment with no production stoppages and no equipment disassembly”

Check out the HS article about them: Helsingin Sanomat (print),08 June 2017,


More info at


“Unique (needle-free & painless) glucose monitoring technology. Applicable for +400 million diabetics and 1,9 billion people who are in the risk group of getting diabetes.”

See the University of Helsinki news letter about them! There is also an article about them on Tekniikan Maailma (Needs subscription).


“We develop new tools to make 3D & calibrated nanoimaging ​easily accessible to everyone.”

For more info see